Opening Sentence of your Novel

The most important line in a novel is the one that opens the story to the reader. Stephen King said that he spends months, even years, procrastinating over the first sentence of his books. When someone picks up a novel in a book store, the will read the blurb and then open the first page. This is the chance to hook them in, entice them to read the rest of the story. It is imperative that they feel compelled to do so.


There are different approaches to the opening line, the following articles provide such guidance:


Perhaps even more useful are practical examples, which can be found in the following articles:


I’m suddenly hugely dissatisfied with my opening line: “As he sat his wife down to explain, they were both startled by the crashing sound that followed an extremely brief silence.”


Guess what I am off to work on?



2 thoughts on “Opening Sentence of your Novel

  1. jacquimalpass says:

    I couldn’t remember my first line. Rushed off to find it

    This isn’t what I signed up for. I don’t remember agreeing to being ripped from my mother and shoved in a bin with my brothers and sister.

    Will read your resources and ponder.


  2. Sara Butler Zalesky says:

    ‘The wind whistled in her ears, accompanied by the tick-tick of the bicycle chain as she pedaled. The recently paved road was as smooth as glass as she headed south through Essendon.’

    Thanks a lot. gggrrrrr

    We are our own worst enemy.


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