How do you choose a title for your book?

How do you choose a title for your book?


The one thing on a book that will be noticed even before your name (or a pen name – see is the title of the book. The title will be used over and again, in your books URL and other promotional materials, you will repeat it often when promoting your work, and it will appear against your name in any bio’s of you.


Creating a great title incorporates a number of different elements, I would consider the top three to be that:


It should pose a question or provoke inquisition from the reader.

It should be concise, you do not want a sentence. Something memorable than can fit comfortably when designing the book cover.

There should be a link to the story, perhaps by double meaning, perhaps by a pun on a characters name or the world in which the book is created, perhaps based on the story’s theme or even by a phrase contained within the story. However you do it, it should relate to directly to the story encapsulated within the title.


Kristen Kieffer wrote a very detailed breakdown (and fascinating read) on the subject which I recommend:


How do you choose the title of your novels?


2 thoughts on “How do you choose a title for your book?

  1. katehowardblog says:

    I always think it’s going to be the hardest thing, to think of a title, but as long as I leave the decision until I have absolutely got everything out of the story I can, it usually comes easily. For me it could be a pun on a name in the book or a slightly ambiguous way of explaining what I see to be the most important point I’ve tried to make in the story, to keep them guessing a little bit!

    I do also think that one shouldn’t be scared of keeping it simple – e.g. JD Salinger’s “Franny and Zooey”.


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